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2015 Quarterly Reports

December 31, 2014 Form 10-Q

March 31, 2015 Form 10-Q

June 30, 2015 Form 10-Q


IRS Form 8937 - Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities (pdf)


2015 Annual Meeting Materials

2015 Proxy Statement

2014 Form 10-K


Corporate Governance

Audit Committee Charter  (pdf)
Compensation Committee Charter (pdf)
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter (pdf)
Corporate Governance Guidelines (pdf)
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (pdf)

Vicon Industries, Inc., listed on the NYSE MKT under the symbol " VII," designs, manufactures, assembles and markets a wide range of video systems and system components used for surveillance, security, safety, and control purposes by a broad group of end-users.The Company sells its systems and products to installing dealers, system integrators, government entities and distributors worldwide principally under Vicon trademarks. The Company' products are typically used by end-users as a crime deterrent, for visual documentation, observing inaccessible or hazardous areas, increasing safety, managing control systems and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel.